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Brands: Bendy Kate

Advanced Stretching Technique by Bendy Kate. An encyclopaedia of stretches separated into easy to follow chapters.

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Brands: Lou Landers
Keep all those pole notes in your special book! Goals, achievements.. you could record them all. A5 Size 50 lined pages inscripted with "Live Life, Love Life & Pole Dance" LIMITED EDITION This notebook will be sent out on the week of 15th December and will be recieved by you no later than...
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The International Pole Championship (IPC) has over the years identified some extraordinary talents within the dance community. Each further edition of "Pole Positions" will update readers all the latest moves from the competitors in the IPC and other computer.

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Brands: Kristy Sellars
The Key To Choreography HANDBOOK by Kristy Sellars is designed to be used along with The Key to Choreography DVD. Gain further insight into exactly how to use the handbook to its full potential and unlock the performer inside! Who is Kristy Sellars? With a solid dance...
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